016. icon textures@you are the light to my darkness

I made this pack because I was bored and I wanted to make something in PS, but I still don't feel like making icons! I don't know why, it's been sooo long and I'm struggling and I'm almost sure it's just something in my mind that doens't allow me to make icons again!
Sounds weird I KNOW, but for now I'm here with this pack, I hope it can be useful for you ♥
They are 500x500px and they work better on screen!
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damien old cunt


Hello there and Happy Christmas! I hope you're having a great day with your friends and family! :)

How are things going here? I've been off for over two years so I need a little update!
I took a quick look around and it seems like the community is so much smaller nowdays.It's a bit sad but I know that life happens and things get busy for everyone, eventually.
Are there new communities? And what about the old ones?
Tell me everything! :)


015. 23 multifandom icons

I made these 23 multifandom icons for various challenges in the past months! I don't want them to become older then me, so here they are! I hope the fandoms are all correct :D
Comments are always welcome ♥
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damien girl

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nonstopicons an open community with non-stop challenges.

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geometric pale

011. Slasher HD Screencaps (1080p)

This is a new Tv Series and it's really amazing! If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you to do it!

It's a drama/horror/thiller, the story is interesting and Katie is absolutely stunning!
The screencaps aren't a lot, about 200 for each episode because the shots are similar and there are a lot of really dark scenes!

Anyway, I thought someone may enjoy them :) I will update this post with the other episodes!
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